Moodboard -Tales of Gloucester

After the intiual shoot for the Tales of Gloucester- Drag-queen story. It was difficult to communicate with the artiest for further shoot. For that reason I decided to change the subject of the project and do a story about the Muslim community on Gloucester.

The project will be a set of portraits of muslims in there environment.


The final edited images for the story:





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Trial Photo shoot – Tales of Gloucester

During the initial shoot of my Drag-queen story, I faced a couple of technical difficulties:

Lighting and flash

the location of the shoot was dark and had dem lighting. I had a Nikon speed light that I had I didn’t know how to use. So, I use the flash of the camera and some photos I used slow shutter speed with the available light.

Small Space

Because  location was small and full of people, my moment while shooting was restricted. I was using a 50mm lens and stood close to the subject which some closeup shots cut some of parts of subject.

Unfortunately, that was the only shoot I did for the story due the unavailability of the drag artist.



Photojournalism Story Proposal – A day in the life of a Drag queen

For the Stories – Tales of Gloucester project, I have chosen do to a story about a day in the life of a drag queen. I have picked this topic mainly to bush myself out of my comfort zone and to improve my live shooting and portrait techniques. The picture story will consists of photos of daily life activates, pre-show preparations (make-up and costume), and possibly photos of a drag act.

The second subject that I might do a story about is the Muslim community in Gloucester and the effects of Islamophobia on their lives. I have emailed a couple of different such as  Gloucester Faith Forum, GymNation and Friendship Café to help me find two or three muslim brothers/sisters who are fine with being photographed. Only one person has replied to my email recommending to email  two people from Friendship Café  who have good knowledge of the community and individuals who might want to be involved. Unfortunately, I am still waiting for them to reply to my email.